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We Make Things Happen

We are a young and very dynamic trading company based in the north of Belgium. Its founders can rely on a great and wide experience within steel trading where they have worked with numerous clients and suppliers all over the world achieving excellence and good reputation. Our headquarters are based in Antwerp, next to one of the biggest ports across the globe.

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Our Process

1. Sourcing
Being in the market for steel is very different from being out hunting for new shoes.

2. Shipping
Getting steel to cross the globe from mine to build site used to be fairly straightforward: loading, waiting and offloading. That’s no longer the case.

3. Communicating
Left the facility? In transit? On its way to your front-door? You love to be in the know.

4. Administrating
It’s one of our main assets: to make steel trading as easy as possible for you.

5. Financial services
It’s our mission as traders to set things in motion. Sometimes that’s very literal – when we’re putting your steel on an ocean giant for instance.

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