As a company that is active on a global scale, we at FerroMac International strive to live by our core values. Among these values are loyalty, respect and great care. For us to uphold this reputable attitude, we do not only want to connect and bond with our clients. We also want to connect with the communities surrounding them.

FerroMac International wants to give back to the people that are less fortunate in regions where there are little opportunities. This in an attempt to aid them and let them develop and hopefully we can help them achieve a happy and successful life. Wherever our traders are traveling for business, they try to inform themselves on local goodwill projects nearby where FerroMac International might get involved.

This was the case with Esperanza, as you can read below.

CIE Labio y Paladar Hendido

One of our traders, Ignacio Inverso, went to visit a clinic in Guatemala where they treat heavy cases of children with a harelip. Touched by the sight of these children, FerroMac International decided to fund the operation of little Esperanza. She recovered very well from the procedure and has no shy at showing her smile to everyone now!

Here you can find a picture of Esperanza who deserves a smile as much as anyone of us.

Esperanza after the surgery

Esperanza after the surgery












We also received a small video from her parents.

For those of you who do not understand Spanish. They are saying: “Thank you FerroMac, for helping us with the surgery of our little girl. It is much appreciated. God bless you, thanks.”


Never forget that we are all people. Don’t hesitate to help. Separately we might just be laying small bricks, but together we are building a house. A house of equal opportunities for everyone!

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