Moving abroad

Interview with Vincent about his big move

Hi Vincent, some people may already know this, the end of 2017 holds some big changes for you. You are leaving for the Dominican Republic, not just another business trip, but permanently. Can you elaborate a little on this?

Correct, I have been preparing for my relocation to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic since the beginning of 2017 and it has become a reality in December 2017 .

Dominican Republic is an important market for Ferromac International, but most of all, it still holds vast potential yet to be explored.

Personally, I believe a local presence will help me further develop the good relationships that I currently maintain with Dominican clients, allowing for a more profound insight into their way of conducting business. Santo Domingo will be the hub from where I will visit the Caribbean and Central-American markets.On a personal note I am happy to be closer to my family whom are living in Aruba, the Dutch Antilles.

It is without a doubt that our clients can benefit a lot from you living and working closer to them. What are you and FerroMac trying to achieve with this move?

Having a local presence has several advantages, foremost being able to engage the clients socially and directly, hence coming to a more profound understanding and mutual respect. Clients are also able to recognize our long-term commitment and investment in the Dominican market with Ferromac International opening a local office there. Which matches our guiding principle that we are only interested in long-term & mutually beneficial relationships with our trading partners .On the practical side, the close proximity to clients in the Caribbean and Central America and being in the same time-zone are quite advantageous for communicating with our clients.

On a more personal note, what are the things that you will miss the most, when leaving Belgium?

The FerroMac Team.. has become like a second family so you can imagine I will miss them. The food, the change in seasons, the seaside..

 Also, do you think that this move to the Dominican Republic is a permanent one?

FerroMacs Owners, Bart and Nikolas, have supported me immensely in this aspect and have left me with plenty of room for my own decision making. I have given myself a timeframe of about 3 years, nearing the end of this period I will make a decision whether to personally stay in Dominican Republic or relocate back to Belgium or perhaps elsewhere. One of the goals during these 3 years is to identify a local partner to carry the torch/brand and continue our local presence in case I do relocate after the 3 year period.

 You must have a lot of treasured memories of the office life and your colleagues. Is there something you would still like to say to them?

The team has become like a second family, some members you squabble with, some you just can not go without, but they are all part of the family. On a personal level I would say; do not change.

Left to right: Ignacio, Estefani, Vincent, Meliesa

What are your prospects in the Dominican Republic for the next three years?

At a later stage FerroMac International Santo Domingo will convert itself in the hub through which all of the Latin American transactions will be conducted.

Thank you Vincent for this interview and for all the nice, funny and memorable moments! Off course we will meet again, but for now: