Do you think steel conferences are boring? We don’t!
– Irepas Barcelona 2019 in the picture –

Each time we attend one of Steel Orbis Conferences, we learn, we connect and we have a great fun
doing so! As there are 500 attendees of over 52 countries conversations are never boring. We seize
the opportunity to introduce ourselves to possible partner & make a good impression.

Unfortunately, we can’t disclose our business strategy, so you will have to do with below pictures. 😉

A short recap – The FerroMac Style

  • Philippe from FerroMac & Melis from Bastug Steel – still young but already experienced!

  •  Whenever in doubt about the dresscode: a blue or black suit always works! 😉

  • Always look for a nice setting when discussing new opportunities. And don’t forget the bubbles!

  • We thank our friends from Serhat DC for inviting us for lunch at 7 Portes. The paella was Amazing!

  • Barcelona vs. Atletico Madrid in Camp Nou; 2-0! 🎉🎉

And last but not least, a teambuilding to never forget!

Yours Truly,

Philippe, Charlotte & Flavie