Hi Ignacio. You recently moved to Guatemala City to start a Ferromac office there. Could you tell us a bit more about your first two weeks there? How is it going?

Everything is going well, thank you.  I guess the first weeks after moving to a new country are always a bit ‘hectic’ as one needs to arrange a lot of things locally such as housing, office space, transportation.  We managed to tackle these hurdles pretty quickly and this country is making me feel at home right away.

What are some differences between Belgium and Guatemala that might take some getting used to? What will you miss from Belgium? Or inversely, what are the things that you prefer over there?

Of course, there are a lot of differences between Belgium and Guatemala.  However, I’m familiar with the Latin lifestyle & mentality which attracted me into this professional adventure.  What I will miss most from Belgium are family, colleagues and friends but nowadays the world is easily connected and surely this will be a good excuse for them to visit Central America in the near future.  Being able to be closer to our customers in Central America and support them wherever we can, is something I’m really looking forward to.

Are you planning on ever moving back to Belgium?

Difficult question to answer as Belgium is the place I (also) call home.  Could you ask me this question in a couple of years?  In the meantime I’m more than excited to be where I’m at and what we are achieving at Ferromac.

Thank you very much Ignacio for this interview and we wish you a lot of success over there!

Muchas gracias!