from left to right: Alec, Zoë, Stefan and Bart

Hey Zoë, Alec and Stefan

It’s been already 8 months since you guys started at FerroMac. How did you all experience these first months?


“The traineeship at FerroMac gave me the possibility to rapidly gain knowledge and experience within the trade support/trader domain.

I was also given the opportunity to gain practical experience after 7 months by going on a business trip to West Africa: spotting opportunities, contact and meet clients, and expand my network.

I am given a lot of ownership and freedom while performing my tasks, all this within an amazing work environment.”

“I have really enjoyed it so far because it is a traineeship with which you learn new things every day and where your tasks change every month. This keeps things really fresh and interesting.

They also made us promises about the international aspect of the traineeship and they truly delivered. After only 8 months they sent me to the Dominican Republic where I will live for half a year. How amazing is that?!

In the coming months I hope to expand the market here in the DR and make the transition to becoming a trader. I’m very excited to see what the future holds here with FerroMac.”

“8 month through the traineeship and I dare to say that starting my professional carreer at FerroMac might be the best decision I could have ever made.
Besides the one-of-a-kind atmosphere between colleagues, I gained tremendous amounts of knowledge about international trade and improved several soft skills as well as my languages.
The next few months I hope to continue this steep learning curve and keep on developing towards a ‘pure bred’ junior trader.”


We are very proud to have added these 3 young talents to our team, but to shape these talents, we needed the right woman for this job.

Enter Wendy! She has been a loyal member of the FerroMac Family for years and this is how she experienced the Traineeship.

from left to right: Ignacio, Wendy and Flavie


“The traineeship was a new challenge in our FerroMac story!

I started this chapter with a lot of enthusiasm to coordinate each stage… and still .

The whole FerroMac team loves to share their experiences about documentation, trade support and sales with the new FerroMac family members: our trader trainees.

Over the last eight months, they learnt a lot about our steel trading business and they are now eager to attack and further explore our markets!”


Thank you for sharing. Keep up the good work guys!

The FerroMac team