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We are a young and very dynamic trading company based in the north of Belgium. Its founders can rely on a great and wide experience within steel trading where they have worked with numerous clients and suppliers all over the world achieving excellence and good reputation. Our Chemicals department focuses on supply and logistics of a diverse product product portfolio. Our headquarters is based in Antwerp, next to one of the biggest ports across the globe.

Vrijwilligerswerk Sint-Jozef

Vrijwillig project Sint-Jozef: we hebben met 2 groepen het spel Boccia gespeeld, de ene groep waren tieners de andere met zwaar motorische beperkingen

Kinderdorpen Los Mina in Santo Domingo

Life in urban Santo Domingo may seem full of promise at first, but its reality can be extremely difficult. The Dominican Republic also has the highest rate of teenage
pregnancy in the region.

Maggie Program: een tent met een oplossing

De uitdaging is het bouwen van duurzame shelters die de tekortkomingen van tenten wegwerkt, de voordelen biedt van vaste constructies en dat voor de prijs die lager is dan een oplossingen met tenten.


FerroMac international is an active Trading Company in STEEL and CHEMICALS with a strong and vast presence in Africa and Latin America. We trade large volumes on a daily basis in various STEEL and CHEMICAL products. Our core business consists of high qualitative STEEL (Flat Products – Long Products – Tubing, as well in Carbon Steel as in Stainless Steel) and CHEMICALS (Detergents – Paints – Personal Care…).

FerroMac International strives to play a crucial role in global STEEL and CHEMICAL supply today. We source only from first class mills in Turkey, China, Russia, India, Japan, Korea, Europe, etc. For African customers we have a complete track record when it comes to doing business, satisfying them for the full 100% by offering very competitive prices for qualitative products and interesting payment terms. Thanks to this approach, combined with a constant gain of market knowledge, experience and commitment, we are rapidly expanding penetrating new markets in Africa and other continents.


FerroMac International is expanding every year due to our increased market share. Our main focus is on Africa due to growing markets and the success of our sales team. Our most important goal is to become a market leader with a focus on customer support and satisfaction. Become one of our clients and see the difference for yourself. We guarantee to offer you our most competitive prices and full transparency in our communication and service.

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